Breaking the Silence

Who We Are

The Breaking the Silence Working Group is made up of members and allies of the LGBTQ2+ community.  Members represent organizations who serve LGBTQ2+ persons specifically and organizations who serve the community more broadly.

In November 2014, a forum was held in Waterloo Region entitled, “Breaking the Silence on Hidden Violence.”  Seventy-five people attended the event to discuss hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ2+ community in the Region.  Over the course of the next year, a Report was produced that summarized what took place at the forum, and the Breaking the Silence Working Group emerged to take concrete action.

Based on the consultation and recommendations from the ongoing Breaking the Silence community events, the working group identified three complementary areas to focus their work:

  • Safe Spaces (work, faith, school, public space, private business, etc.)
  • The role of Allies and Champions
  • Safety with police (reporting, interactions, etc.)

Please join us for a community event to discuss Safer Spaces for the LGBTQ2+ community

Breaking the Silence is hosting a community event entitled, A Place to Call Safe: A conversation about Safer Space for the LGBTQ2+ community in Waterloo Region.  The details are as follows:

  • Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 6:30 to 8:30
  • Kitchener Public Library, Room E
  • 85 Queen Street North

6:30pm – Presentation

Outlook Study researchers will share data and results from the survey related to hate crimes, violence, victimization and feelings of safety experienced by Waterloo Region’s LGBTQ2+ community members.

7:30pm – Tell a Story, Make some Art

We want to hear from you.  Where do you feel most safe to be yourself in Waterloo Region?  What is it about this space that makes you feel safe?