Minutes June 26, 2012

Meeting began at 7:15pm

Present: Ali, Bruce, Heather, Jeremy, Jim, Mike, Sue

Regrets: Deardra, Karen, Julie, Raegan


1) Roundtable updates

– Jeremy presented a certificate from the office of Peter Braid congratulating WRRC on its contributions to making ours a more inclusive community.

– Sue confirmed that our proposal for the 2012-2013 Safe & Vital Communities grant has been submitted. It requests funding to support the development of a locally-based resource guide developed in collaboration with various stakeholders, a hands-on workshop on LGBTQ inclusion (for service providers but also open to the public – featuring a Human Library), and a community-driven open source web portal.


2) Confirmation of Current Board Membership

– Jeremy confirmed with the group that as of the beginning of the meeting the “executive Board” of WRRC consists of:

Allisa Scott, co-chair

Jeremy Steffler, co-chair

Sue Weare, secretary

Rob Zwaag, treasurer

– Jeremy suggested revising the board to reflect the reality of WRRC’s governance and the draft constitution


3) Revisions to Draft Constitution

– On motion by Jeremy, seconded by Ali, it was resolved:


WRRC will adopt the draft constitution discussed at the June 12, 2012 meeting, on an interim bases, with the following amendments:

Amendment One: 
“ARTICLE VIII: Quorum” will be struck in its entirety and replaced with:

1) Five members or 60% of the non-vacant positions of the Executive Board, whichever is less, shall constitute quorum at meetings of the Executive Board and all general meetings.”

Amendment 2:
“ARTICLE IX: Amendments” will be struck in its entirety and replaced with:
“ARTICLE IX: Amendments

1) This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of five members or 60% of the non-vacant positions of the Executive Board, whichever is less.””

– The above motions were designed to allow the Executive Board to “test drive” the constitution and allow for easy amendment pending adoption of a more formalized constitution at the first scheduled general meeting.

– The motion was approved by consensus of those in attendance and majority vote of the current Executive Board.

– On motion by Jeremy, pursuant to “Article V.6: Vacancies” and by consensus, the group agreed to the following interim executive board:

Chair – Jeremy Steffler

Past Chair – Allisa Scott

Recording Secretary – Mike Voisin

Communications Director – Sue Weare

Treasurer – Rob Zwaag

Membership Director – vacant

Director-at-large – Jim Parrott

Director-at-large – Karen Ferguson

Director-at-large – vacant (x2)



– Jeremy to send Communications Director an overview of the motions made during the meeting

– Jeremy to draft a letter for the Communications Director to forward to tri-Pride confirming that WRRC Executive Board members sit on tri-Pride as a liaison and is there as a non-voting, ex-officio member.

– Jeremy to make further revisions to the Constitution based on today’s discussion

– Sue to send official letter to WPIRG informing them of WRRC’s resignfation as an action group

– Executive Board to contact Deardra and Karen with offers of appointment to vacant positions on the Executive Board.


4) Community Space Lease

– Committee members agreed by consensus to fulfill all the conditions of the CEI lease that apply to WRRC specifically



– Sue to ask for 12 cheques from Rob

– Sue to fulfill conditions of CEI lease regarding communications


Meeting ended at 9:15pm


Next meeting:

July 10, 2012

7:00PM – 9:00PM

Rainbow Community Space (39 Erb St. East, Unit K, Waterloo)


Future Agenda Items:

– Fulfilling other CEI lease conditions

– Discussion on process

– Discussion on Communications & Outreach Director position

– Discussion on volunteer engagement