About WRRC

What is the Waterloo Region Rainbow Coalition (WRRC)?

The Waterloo Region Rainbow Coalition (WRRC) is a volunteer-based community association that acts as a central hub for the local Rainbow community. WRRC brings together various stakeholders from across the Region. Our emphasis is on building partnerships and working collaboratively to meet the needs of the Rainbow community.


Working together to build the Rainbow community voice in Waterloo Region


WRRC is a volunteer-based community organization that is committed to building a unified voice for gender and sexual diversity for people of all ages in Waterloo Region. We promote sustainable opportunities for advocacy, awareness, education and community-building that are respectful of the diverse interests within the Rainbow community. We work together with local allies to foster a strong and inclusive community.


  • Developing a Rainbow community website portal
  • Supporting an anti-bullying action group
  • Providing training on how to support hate crime victims
  • Awareness campaign on domestic violence in same-sex relationships
  • Hosting regular Rainbow community dialogues
  • Developing partnerships with non-profits, private sector and government
  • Acting as a point-of-contact for the Rainbow community
  • Hosting dances and events that cater to the Rainbow community

Rainbow who?

The Rainbow (or LGBTQ) community includes people whose sexual orientation, gender identity and/or physical sex is different from the majority of the population. That includes people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersex, queer, questioning, asexual, Two Spirited, fluid, unlabeled… and their allies!
WRRC welcomes anyone who is interested in increasing awareness and inclusion of gender and sexual diversity.

How did WRRC start?

In 2010, three community conversations were held that identified a strong need for a sustainable framework that would support the ongoing development of the Rainbow community in Waterloo Region. WRRC has been meeting regularly since January 2011 to “set the foundation” for such a framework and for increasing inclusion in the community at large.

Why start another LGBTQ community group?

Of course, there are other organizations in Waterloo Region that are doing important and meaningful work with our community. WRRC’s intention is to complement those community-building efforts that are already underway. For example, some local community organizations are focused specifically on the needs of youth or university and college students. Others are focused specifically on leisure and recreation, creating local LGBTQ culture, and hosting community events.

To our knowledge, there are no organizations whose aim is to bring together all segments of the Rainbow community specifically to focus on the issues of advocacy, awareness, community-building and increasing inclusion.

How can I get involved?

Do you want to take part in building a thriving Rainbow community? We welcome your support – these projects can’t happen without you!

Join an action group


Join the board of directors


Join the network through the mailing list (email us to be added), Facebook (WRRC.Info) or Twitter (@yourwrrc)

Want to learn more?

The organizing Hub meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. See the calendar for details or email us at yourwrrc@gmail.com