Minutes June 12, 2012

Meeting began at 7:10PM

Present:     Ali, Colin, Dana, Deardra, Jeremy, Julie, Jim, Karen, Sue, Vanessa

Regrets:     Heather, Mike


1. Approve Agenda

– Approved by consensus



2. Approve Minutes

– Approved by consensus


3. Debrief tri-Pride

– The day was very busy and there was plenty of traffic at the WRRC / GRRHS table!

– In future, requests for speaking about the community space will be directed to the community space action group.



– Community Centre Action Group to prepare some speaking points about the community space



4. Community Space Action Group update – Deardra

– Move-in date will be July 7, 2012 and doors open July 10, 2012

– Volunteers will staff the space on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-8PM throughout July and August

– An open house will be held in September, and a fundraising event will be held in October

– Steering committee is focusing on fundraising and on programming at the moment



5. 2012 Safer and Vital Communities Grant – Sue

– After discussing the criteria and requirements, the coalition agreed by consensus that Sue would take lead on writing a grant proposal to develop a local LGBTQ resource guide




– Sue to approach ACCKWA for sponsorship

– Sue to write grant proposal



6. WCDSB Motion to Allow Creation of GSAs in Local Catholic Schools

– A discussion was held regarding the withdrawal of the GSA motion and options for moving forward.




– Anti-Bullying committee to consider options for how to support LGBTQ youth attending Catholic schools to create their own LGBTQ peer support groups (e.g., similar to the PRISM model).



7. Discussion on Constitution

– Members reviewed the draft constitution and provided feedback.




– Sue to send suggested edits to Jeremy

– Deardra to ask Maureen for advice

– Everyone to review the documents for more discussion



Meeting ended at 9:05PM


Next Meeting:

June 26, 2012


Rum Runner Pub (1 King St. West, Kitchener)



Future agenda items:


– Discussion on process (Ali)

– Discussion on volunteer engagement (Sue)

– Discuss developing speaking points on current issues (Sue)

– Discussion on local service providers’ inclusion of LGBTQ materials (Sue)