Minutes May 22, 2012

Meeting began at 7:10 PM.

Present: Deardra, Heather, Jeremy, Julie, Karen, Regan

Late Arrivals: Ali

Regrets: Jim, Sue



1) Approve Agenda

– Added brief discussion of Community Space to Agenda

– Approved by consensus



2) Appointment of Meeting Secretary

– Heather offered to take notes in the absence of Sue.

– Jeremy offered to prepare minutes from Heather’s notes before next meeting.




– Jeremy to prepare and distribute minutes before the next meeting.



3) Approve Minutes

– Approved by consensus



4) Community Space Meeting Preparations

– The Community Centre Steering Committee has scheduled a Community Update Meeting on May 29, 2012 and required that some key decisions/information be made/shared by the WRRC Hub before this date.

– The Community Centre will now be referred to as the Waterloo Region Rainbow Coalition Community Space to reflect the association with WRRC and the fact that there will be a single room and not an actual multi-functional “centre”.

– The Steering Committee is planning on holding a contest to ultimately name the space.

– The Community Space will be considered a part of WRRC.

– Creative Enterprise Initiatives (CEI) will require 2 members of the WRRC Hub to sign the lease.

– As WRRC is not yet incorporated, it was discussed in detail that any members signing the lease would be taking on personal liability should they do so. In addition, named members of the WRRC Hub could also carry some liability.

– No member of the Community Space Steering Committee was able/willing to sign the lease on behalf of WRRC.

– Jeremy and Karen indicated a willingness to sign the lease provided they were directly advised of all Community Space activities moving forward and could attend all meetings. Final decision with respect to whether or not they would sign the lease would not be made until they had a chance to review the terms and conditions of the lease.

– Donations to cover cost of rent have been committed for 6 months to date. However, not all donations have yet been received.

– The Community Space project will accelerate the need for WRRC to be incorporated.

– To limit potential financial complications and liability, and fundraising associated with the Community Space should focus on donations for the Waterloo Region Rainbow Coalition

– Any funds received from donors with the reasonable expectation of the funds going to the Community Space must be separated from other funds and accounted for separately.

– No charitable receipts can be issued for any donations.

– Two volunteers from the Community Space Steering Committee are maintaining financial records for the committee.

– Concern was expressed that this may be duplicate effort, as all transactions will also need to be entered into the WRRC official ledger.




– Deardra to contact CEI regarding status of lease.

– Community Space Steering Committee to forward copies of leases to Karen and Jeremy as soon as they are available.

– Sue to confirm the actual number of donations received and deposited to cover Community Space rent.



5) Tri-Pride Preparations

– Tri-Pride will be supplying a table for the Grand River Historical Society/WRRC in June 2, 2012.

– Costs for the WRRC Table at Tri-Pride have been graciously covered by the Southern Ontario Leather Association.

– Jeremy will arrange for a tent for the table.

– Regan to prepare a volunteer list for the table.

– All WRRC Members are welcome to come on stage when WRRC is accepting its award.




– Jeremy will arrange for a tent for the table.

– Regan to prepare a volunteer list for the table.

– Sue will bring flyers and fundraising bracelets for the table.

– Deardra to e-mail Randy/Jim to see if it is alright to solicit donations at the WRRC/Grand River Historical Project table.

– Jeremy will coordinate any updates to the display board for Tri-Pride.



2) Community Space Insurance Plan

– Deardra has been in contact with Co-operators Insurance about their Community Guard Insurance Plan.

– It would be possible for WRRC to apply for “Community Guard” insurance – designed for non-profit community associations. As a non-profit WRRC would be eligible for a discounted rate. However we would have to pay the regular rate of insurance until we are incorporated.

–  This would include liability insurance for $2 million, and directors and officers liability for $1 million (Can be – $2 million but premiums increase)

– Can be paid month to month


3) Development of Bylaws and Terms of Reference

– Clarification was provided with respect to requirements for incorporation and prior use of the terms “Terms of reference”, “governance documents”, and “strategic plans”.

– While only certain information was required for incorporation, mainly the names of Directors, it was acknowledged that any named individuals would be taking on liability for the organization and be required to assume responsibilities on behalf of the organization.

– Prior to completing applications for incorporation, it was decided through consensus that it was necessary to develop a rough sketch of WRRC’s organizational structure and the roles and responsibilities associated with director/volunteer position.

– A rough bylaws/terms of reference were developed

– Need to move to a model that uses a facilitator/chair for meetings as opposed to a participant/chair.

– WRRC would incorporate as a non-profit organization that services members.

– WRRC will not pursue charitable status in the near future.

– Membership would need to be defined and measurable


– Suggest having membership dues paid financially or through sweat equity

– Individuals would record hours, rather than WRRC having to track hours for all volunteers.




– Jeremy to prepare skeleton of bylaws/terms of reference based on discussions for distribution in mid-June.

– Karen will arrange for some preliminary (unofficial) advice on any Terms of Reference before applying for Incorporation.

– Jeremy to arrange time for people to meet to work on Terms of Reference document



4) Artistic Links in the Rainbow Community

– Jeremy is meeting with Craig on May 25, 2012 and will be able to report back to the committee at the next meeting.



Meeting ended at 9:00 PM.


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7:00PM – 9:00PM

Rum Runner Pub (1 King St. West, Kitchener)