Calling All 2LGBTQ+ Trainers and Speakers!

Do you deliver 2LGBTQ+ training, speaking, or consulting services in Waterloo Region? Then join our list!

The RCC Education subcommittee is creating a resource list for agencies and groups who want to learn how to be more inclusive for the 2LGBTQ+ community. This future list of local trainers, speakers, and consultants on 2SLGBTQ+ topics and issues would be made publicly available. It will help organizations determine what options are available and which best meet their needs.

To be clear, we’re not vetting the trainers, speakers, and consultants. And we’re not ranking them either. The list will simply compile the information we receive and it is up to the readers to investigate further.

Interested in adding your services to the list? Fill out our survey!

The survey closes September 15, 2019.

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